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Day17: Part2 works

Arranun 3 years ago
parent b0f6505112
commit b49722bb69

@ -11,11 +11,10 @@ main = do
let mvFuncA = [76,44,49,50,44,76,44,49,50,44,76,44,54,44,76,44,54,10]
let mvFuncB = [82,44,56,44,82,44,52,44,76,44,49,50,10]
let mvFuncC = [76,44,49,50,44,76,44,54,44,82,44,49,50,44,82,44,56,10]
let input = concat [mvRoutine, mvFuncA, mvFuncB, mvFuncC]
let mapPoints = (output (step brain []))
let split = splitOn [10] mapPoints
putStrLn (show mapPoints)
mapM putStrLn (map(map getSymbol) split)
let videoStream = [110,10]
let input = concat [mvRoutine, mvFuncA, mvFuncB, mvFuncC, videoStream]
let dust = (output (step brain input))
putStrLn (show dust)
data Amplifier = Amplifier{ state :: [Int]
,index :: Int