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FichteFoll 82df932a99 Ignore user files 3 weeks ago
FichteFoll 8974332651 Render summary vertically 3 weeks ago
FichteFoll 93857d0675 Don't render todo list and prevent focusing it 3 weeks ago
kageru 27d19d91d0 Merge pull request 'Group pause time' (#9) from FichteFoll/tracc:feature/group-pause-time into master 9 months ago
FichteFoll 0c38ac447e Support "break" as pause text 9 months ago
FichteFoll 51e38ccbf1 Group pause time but not for the sum 9 months ago
kageru 17f683e0d3
Properly round to nearest multiple of 5 on adjustment 1 year ago
kageru 233e4ebb29
Always autosave when entering normal mode 1 year ago
kageru b8fe625405 Move to next todo item after marking one as done 1 year ago
kageru 9503962dd5 Allow for time adjustments with +/- 1 year ago
kageru a94d8b77ea Only allow toggling for todo items 1 year ago
kageru 32590fbfd6 Revert "make editing times possible" 1 year ago
kageru 78ae05de42
make editing times possible 1 year ago
kageru 0439c3a637 Allow yanking an entry with y 1 year ago
kageru f1eeb7b24e
allow overriding timesheet texts with [something] 1 year ago
kageru b2a2d29216 exclude pause time in calculations 1 year ago
kageru eacc10d625 go back to `dd` for deletions 1 year ago
kageru 8b3b6c3d0b include current time point in sum calculation 1 year ago
kageru 6075a4369f Use Time instead of DateTime 1 year ago
kageru 129e890670
split into more modules 1 year ago
kageru 1204be40fb
clippy 1 year ago
kageru 1be551d4f5
improve sum_as_str 1 year ago
kageru 84f13d1806
clean up time grouping 1 year ago
kageru 292aeb417f
use macro for current focus 1 year ago
kageru b52311e840
make timesheet work 1 year ago
kageru 559413e4a9
Start refactoring ListViews into trait 2 years ago
kageru 61c385404b
Add WIP timesheet 2 years ago
kageru e0d3bad477
First steps towards adding multiple panels 2 years ago
kageru 1428ced923
Fix panic when deleting the last item 2 years ago
kageru dac7838293
forbid unsafe 2 years ago
kageru 54c217741c
Slightly refactor json read/write 2 years ago
kageru 904a3dbe2d
refactor to OOP because I’m too lazy to pass around stuff 2 years ago
kageru 3279d63952 Clear terminal on exit 2 years ago
kageru 05ed013485 Don’t use Option as selected index 2 years ago
kageru cc7b8beda9 Fix a few panics and add register 2 years ago
kageru d2c142f65f
Add persistent storage via json 2 years ago
kageru 51cba3c68c
Wip: persistent storage of list entries 2 years ago
kageru 78cb4bb1cb
Don’t use copied input handling from the examples 2 years ago
kageru 4fa4764cd4
Initial commit 2 years ago