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@ -4,14 +4,14 @@ For a description of the math and the general idea,
see [the article](https://kageru.moe/blog/article/adaptivegrain/).
## Usage
`core.adg.Mask(clip, luma_scaling: float)`
core.adg.Mask(clip, luma_scaling: float)
You must call `std.PlaneStats()` before this plugin
(or fill the PlaneStatsAverage frame property using some other method).
Supported formats are YUV with 8-32 bit precision integer or single precision float.
Half precision float input is not supported since no one seems to be using that anyway.
Since the output is grey and only luma is processed,
the subsampling of the input does not matter.
@ -20,10 +20,14 @@ It behaves exactly like the original implementation
(except for the performance, which is about 3x faster on my machine).
### Parameters
`clip: vapoursynth.VideoNode`
clip: vapoursynth.VideoNode
the input clip to generate a mask for.
`luma_scaling: float = 10.0`
luma_scaling: float = 10.0
the luma\_scaling factor as described in the blog post.
Higher values will make the mask brighter overall.