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extern crate failure;
extern crate vapoursynth;
pub mod mask;
use self::mask::Mask;
use failure::Error;
use vapoursynth::api::API;
use vapoursynth::core::CoreRef;
use vapoursynth::format::SampleType;
use vapoursynth::map::Map;
use vapoursynth::node::Node;
use vapoursynth::plugins::{Filter, FilterArgument, Metadata};
use vapoursynth::video_info::Property;
pub const PLUGIN_NAME: &str = "adaptivegrain";
pub const PLUGIN_IDENTIFIER: &str = "moe.kageru.adaptivegrain";
make_filter_function! {
MaskFunction, "Mask"
fn create_mask<'core>(
_api: API,
_core: CoreRef<'core>,
clip: Node<'core>,
luma_scaling: Option<f64>
) -> Result<Option<Box<dyn Filter<'core> + 'core>>, Error> {
let luma_scaling = luma_scaling.unwrap_or(10.0) as f32;
if let Property::Constant(format) = {
if !(format.sample_type() == SampleType::Float && format.bits_per_sample() != 32) {
return Ok(Some(Box::new(Mask {
source: clip,
} else {
bail!("Half precision float input is not supported");
bail!("Variable format input is not supported")
export_vapoursynth_plugin! {
Metadata {
namespace: "adg",
name: "Adaptive grain",
read_only: false,
[ MaskFunction::new() ]