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@ -5,3 +5,13 @@ This will allow anyone to modify the config to host their own instance tailored
and it allows server moderators to make changes without any coding experience. Even at runtime.
I try to maintain a comprehensive default configuration as part of the repository
because the past has taught me that Im not good at updating readmes.
## A few months after
The bot has become somewhat specialized at this point,
but I think it should still be generally reusable if a similar use case arises.
The implementation has kind of deteriorated into a playground for me
(adding arrow-kt and just generally trying out FP stuff)[1],
but its been running and moderating a 1000+ user server for over a year
with relatively little maintenance.
[1]: While arrow is great, adding it to a project after the fact leads to a very weird combination of FP and non-FP constructs. Would not recommend in production.