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output() {
echo "$1" >> index.html
output_rss() {
echo "$1" >> rss.xml
add_header() {
output '<h1>Blog index</h1><table id="linklist">'
output_rss '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<feed xmlns="" xml:lang="en">
<title>kagerus blog</title>'
output_rss " <link href=\"$blog_domain\" rel=\"self\" type=\"application/atom+xml\"/>
<description>kagerus blog</description>"
add_footer() {
html_entry "legacy" "before 2020" "Older posts"
output '</table>'
output_rss '</feed>'
html_entry() {
output '<tr>'
output "<td class=\"first\"><a href=\"$path\">$title</a></td>"
output "<td class=\"second\">$time</td></tr>"
rss_entry() {
# The content is the output minus the first line
# (which would otherwise be a redundant title in most rss readers)
# and with escaped html.
# The sed expression is stolen from
output_rss " <entry>
<link href=\"$blog_domain$2\" type=\"text/html\" title=\"$1\"/>
<content type=\"html\" xml:base=\"$blog_domain$2\">
$(tail -n+2 "$2" | sed 's/&/\&amp;/g; s/</\&lt;/g; s/>/\&gt;/g; s/"/\&quot;/g; s/'"'"'/\&#39;/g')
create_entry() {
outpath="content/$(basename "$path" .md).html"
# convert new markdown posts to html
pandoc "$path" -t html -f markdown -o "$outpath"
# then add it to the index
title="$(rg 'h1' "$outpath" | head -n1 | rg -o '(?<=>).*(?=<)' --pcre2)"
created=$(git log --follow --format=%as "$path" | tail -1)
html_entry "$outpath" "created on $created" "$title"
rss_entry "$title" "$outpath"
has_updates() {
git fetch &> /dev/null
diff="$(git diff master origin/master)"
if [ "$diff" ]; then
return 0
return 1
cd /home/nginx/html/blog
if has_updates; then
git pull &> /dev/null
rm -f index.html
rm -f rss.xml
ls -ltu src/*.md | tail -n+1 | while read f; do create_entry $f; done
# Human-readable output for the cron notification
echo 'Updated blog to:'
git log -1