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@ -8,9 +8,9 @@ Almost as good as ncmpcpp.
## Seriously, why?
I noticed a use for this.
I saw a use for this.
More than once did people ask me (or someone else)
to restart a game server, a long-running script, a discord bot, etc.
to interrupt a long-running script, restart a game server, a discord bot, etc.
because something was broken, and restarting it was the easiest way to fix it.
The idea here is to give people you trust a way to selectively run certain commands on a server.
@ -19,3 +19,7 @@ The only user input are the triggers in discord messages that are then checked a
No message content is ever executed, neither directly nor indirectly.
Every command is limited to one or multiple users.
See the example config for more information.
Obviously, this can still be a security issue if you give people the wrong commands to play with,
but if you only use it to restart a few systemd units, it should be fine.
Your moderators will thank you, and the nightly pings asking you to restart the damn bot will stop as well.