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package main
import (
func userToString(u *discordgo.User) string {
return fmt.Sprintf("%s#%s (ID: %s)", u.Username, u.Discriminator, u.ID)
func roleName(s *discordgo.State, rid string) string {
role, _ := s.Role(config.ServerID, rid)
return role.Name
func channelToString(c *discordgo.Channel) string {
return fmt.Sprintf("%s (ID: %s) on %s", c.Name, c.ID, c.GuildID)
func messageToString(m *discordgo.Message) string {
return fmt.Sprintf("<%s#%s>: %s", m.Author.Username, m.Author.Discriminator, m.Content)
func getChannel(s *discordgo.State, cid string) *discordgo.Channel {
channel, _ := s.Channel(cid)
return channel
func getUser(s *discordgo.Session, uid string) *discordgo.User {
user, _ := s.User(uid)
return user
func isDM(s *discordgo.Session, m *discordgo.MessageCreate) bool {
return (getChannel(s.State, m.ChannelID).Type == discordgo.ChannelTypeDM)
func isAdmin(u *discordgo.User) bool {
for _, admin := range config.Admins {
if u.ID == admin {
return true
return false