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5 years ago
5 years ago
"Token": "your login token",
"AdminID": "your user ID",
"ServerID": "the server the bot will be running on",
"RequireAccept": false,
"LockedRoleID": "the role to be given to locked users (readme)",
"WelcomeChannel": "channel for welcome messages",
"SendWelcomeDM": true,
"ModChannel": "channel for anonymous complaints",
"ComplaintReceivedMessage": "Complaint received.",
"RoleCommands": {
"!u18": "role id for users under 18",
"!18+": "role over 18",
"!18": "aliases are possible, so this could be the same role as above"
"WelcomeEmbed": {
5 years ago
"Message": "Welcome, new user. this message will be part of an embed",
"QuestionsTitle": "__Questions__",
"QuestionsText": "pls ask the mods. kthxbye",
"BugsTitle": "__Bugs__",
5 years ago
"BugsText": "please ask <@%s>. (this will be formatted with the AdminID above",
"Image": ""
5 years ago