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# Selphybot Changelog
Updates are listed in reverse chronological order.
### 1.1 (dev)
### 1.2
- added !help command to automatically print a list of all commands and some additional information
- finally wrote a readme
- updated wink regex
- added more misc commands
### 1.1
- cooldowns are now stored per-user, not globally, and no longer apply in DMs
- multiple admins can now be defined in the config
- admins can now use DM-only commands anywhere

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# discord-selphybot
A custom bot for the discord community of [](Selphy).
Most of the commands are fairly specific, but the underlying command logic (i. e. the `registerCommand` wrapper) can be reused in other projects to simplify the [](discordgo) API bindings. I might release a standalone version of just the wrappers at some point. *Might*.
## Dependencies
- go, obviously
- [](discordgo)
- [](golang-set)
## Usage
I doubt anyone will want to run an exact copy of this, but if you do, it works just like any other project. Edit `config.json` as needed, and then run `go build *.go`. No magic involved.
More relevant should be the reusable part. By calling `registerCommand` at any point during program execution, a new command can be added. A command is defined as a struct with various properties do control its behavior.
- `Trigger string`: a string that is used to trigger the command when it appears in a message. `Type` is used to control how this string is matched.
- `Output string`: simple text response for commands that dont require any advanced logic.
- `OutputEmbed *discordgo.MessageEmbed`: if specified, the specified embed will be used as a reply. Overwrites `Output`.
- `Type CommandType`: specifies how `Trigger` is matched. Possible values are: `CommandTypePrefix, CommandTypeFullMatch, CommandTypeContains, CommandTypeRegex`. Defaults to Prefix; names should be self-explanatory.
- `IgnoreCase bool`: Ignore case when matching `Trigger`. Defaults to false.
- `Cooldown int`: cooldown for the command in seconds. 0 (no cooldown) if unspecified.
- `OutputIsReply bool`: @mention the user who triggered the command. This requires a `<@%s>` in `Output`. Defaults to false.
- `RequiresMention bool`: require @mentioning the bot to trigger the command. This requires a `<@%s>` in `Trigger`. Defaults to false.
- `DeleteInput bool`: delete the messages that triggered the command. Requires permissions to manage messages. Defaults to false.
- `DMOnly bool`: command can only be used in DMs. Defaults to false.
- `AdminOnly bool`: command can only be used by the admins specified in `config.json`. Defaults to false.
- `Function func(*discordgo.Session, *discordgo.MessageCreate)`: execute a custom function when the command is triggered and pass the Session and MessageCreate event to that function. Ignores all other options except the matching-related ones and `Trigger`. Defaults to nil.
It should be noted that admin users can use DMOnly commands everywhere and are unaffected by cooldowns.

@ -203,3 +203,34 @@ func giveAgeRole(s *discordgo.Session, m *discordgo.MessageCreate) {
func getHelpEmbed() *discordgo.MessageEmbed {
commandList := "Im Folgenden findest du eine automatisch generierte Liste aller Commands. Um herauszufinden, was sie tun, probiere sie aus oder lies den Source Code (siehe unten).\n```"
for _, command := range commands {
if command.Type != CommandTypeRegex {
commandList += "- " + command.Trigger + "\n"
commandList += "```"
embed := &discordgo.MessageEmbed{
Author: &discordgo.MessageEmbedAuthor{},
Color: 0xffb90f,
Description: "__Hilfe__",
Fields: []*discordgo.MessageEmbedField {
&discordgo.MessageEmbedField {
Name: "__Commands__",
Value: commandList,
Inline: true,
&discordgo.MessageEmbedField {
Name: "__Bugs__",
Value: fmt.Sprintf("Bei Fragen zum Bot, Vorschlägen, Bugs etc. wende dich bitte an <@%s> oder öffne eine Issue auf", config.Admins[0]),
Inline: true,
Thumbnail: &discordgo.MessageEmbedThumbnail{
URL: "",
return embed

@ -70,6 +70,7 @@ func addCommands() {
// Information
registerCommand(Command{Trigger: "!welcome", OutputEmbed: getWelcomeEmbed(), Type: CommandTypeFullMatch, DMOnly: true})
registerCommand(Command{Trigger: "!help", OutputEmbed: getHelpEmbed(), Type: CommandTypeFullMatch, DMOnly: true})
// Admin and/or debug
registerCommand(Command{Trigger: "<@%s> <3", Output: "<@%s> <3", Type: CommandTypeFullMatch, AdminOnly: true, OutputIsReply: true, RequiresMention: true})