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## FAQ
**Why do I have to call std.PlaneStats() manually?**
Because I didnt want to reimplement it.
`kagefunc.adaptive_grain(clip, show_mask=True)`
does that for you and then just returns the mask.
**Why doesnt this also add grain?**
I was going to do that originally,
but it just goes back to the same point
about not wanting to reimplement

@ -1,12 +1,14 @@
import vapoursynth as vs
import kagefunc as kgf
core = vs.core
#black = core.std.BlankClip(format=vs.YUV444P8, width=1920, height=1080, color=[0, 128, 128])
#white = core.std.BlankClip(black, color=[255, 128, 128])
zweihu = core.ffms2.Source('1558625524644.jpg').resize.Point(format=vs.YUV444PS).std.PlaneStats() * 200
zweihu = core.ffms2.Source('1558625524644.jpg').resize.Point(format=vs.YUV444PS).std.PlaneStats() * 500
#grained = white.std.PlaneStats().adg.Mask()
grained = zweihu.adg.Mask()
#grained = kgf.adaptive_grain(zweihu, show_mask=True)
#grained = zweihu
#grained = white.grain.Add(2, constant=True)
#for i in range(len(grained)):