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  kageru 7c0ac15022
Add trailing newline to response body 1 month ago
  kageru 726a25bed7
Fix indentation in meta content tag 6 months ago
  kageru 6cb30eb8bf
Update dependencies 6 months ago
  kageru ba66c9260f
fix static font paths 7 months ago
  kageru c40dc7bdfc
Include hack as woff font 7 months ago
  kageru b3e77e37e0
Fix pastes being centered without JS 7 months ago
  kageru fc88a90703
Fix stylesheet order (because that seems to matter) 8 months ago
  kageru dfe048bac2
More embed stuff 8 months ago
  kageru 8e5becc777
Add meta tags for slack/discord preview 8 months ago
  kageru cfffbdccd7
No longer use unsafe for weird CSS selector 8 months ago
  kageru 213834c3bb
Fix last commit 1 year ago
  kageru 1caaec47bd
Hide scrollbar on pastes 1 year ago
  kageru e7014cb654
Add separate parameter for URL template 1 year ago
  kageru 15bc0d4ce2 ktlint 1 year ago
  kageru f16fea1f49 Refactor GET handling 1 year ago
  kageru fbfec69e08 Allow .extension in url 1 year ago
  kageru 0f1bd98f49 Handle HEAD requests 1 year ago
  kageru facb408e89 Refactor CSS 1 year ago
  kageru df6d3e34e8 Use MEDIUMTEXT column type to increase size limit 1 year ago
  kageru 5a5084c711 Limit upload size to 64 KiB 1 year ago
  kageru ede3297808 Document usage on about page 1 year ago
  kageru 96c335c41a Add back button on paste page 1 year ago
  kageru 4919958d8f Use random strings as URIs 1 year ago
  kageru 624320b8b1 Add syntax highlighting and config 1 year ago
  kageru 00111efb27
Add web upload 1 year ago
  kageru e80c97e450
Initial commit 1 year ago