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A simple python script that aims to replace the most basic functionalities (TL Note: the ones I used) of ShareX. This wouldn't be necessary if ShareX had just been developed as a cross-platform project, but I digress.
Needless to say, this is being developed for and tested on Linux. If you're on Windows, just use ShareX.
Only (s)ftp uploads for now I added an option for simple curl commands (like used by 0x0).

What works:

  • Taking area screenshots
  • Uploading screenshots to (s)ftp or to POST APIs via curl
  • Uploading files
  • Mirroring URLs
  • Generating a link from that and putting it into the clipboard

What's planned

  • polish
  • whatever stupid idea I will come up with in the future


pysftp, pyperclip, and PIL which can be installed via pip:

$ pip install pysftp pyperclip pillow

as well as maim ( and notify-send which should be available in your favorite package manager (or pre-installed, depending on your distribution and desktop environment).


Change all the relevant variables in and execute

$ python3 pyshare

to take a screenshot and upload it. Depending on your window manager, you can bind this to a hotkey. To cancel the capture, simply right-click. The script will then, uh, terminate (which is fancy speak for crash because it really doesn't matter).

You can also use the script to upload local files, mirror websites, or share your clipboard. Simply execute

$ python3 pyshare -m text

This will automatically choose an action based on the contents of your clipboard. Links will be downloaded and mirrored, local paths will be uploaded, and other strings will be uploaded as text files to the remote host.
Afterwards, the link is automatically copied to clipboard.

To upload one or multiple files, just list them like this:

$ python3 pyshare -f file1 file2 file3

You will then see a list of all URLs in your terminal. The links will also appear in a notification, and they will be copied to the clipboard as soon as the upload is completed, however, this is probably not very useful because they will be overwritten by the next file’s URL soon thereafter.