I realized having to host this potentially indefinitely might not be the best idea, so I am going to shut down this gitea instance eventually.
You’ll have time, at least until the end of 2022, probably longer, but please just get all your stuff somewhere safe in case we ever disappear.
If any of your build scripts rely on my (kageru’s) projects hosted here, check my Github or IEW on Github for encoding projects. If you can’t find what you’re looking there, tell me to migrate it.
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Selphybot Changelog

Updates are listed in reverse chronological order.


  • use global array of pointers to commands to allow easier modification and avoid unnecessary memcpy
  • added feedback to !complain (used to work but was forgotten when refactoring)
  • lessen the retardation
  • lessen the retardation some more
  • added !mods
  • fix !help not showing all relevant commands
  • made !help available to all users
  • set !help as the currently played game
  • add !scomplain that is even more special and secret than regular complaints
  • minor changes to !helps behavior


  • added !help command to automatically print a list of all commands and some additional information
  • finally wrote a readme
  • updated wink regex
  • added more misc commands


  • cooldowns are now stored per-user, not globally, and no longer apply in DMs
  • multiple admins can now be defined in the config
  • admins can now use DM-only commands anywhere


Marks the first release after the initial refactoring. This contains:

  • the entire logic registerCommand
    • various matching modes for commands
    • auto moderation actions
    • different switches to control command behavior
    • custom functions as parameters to more advanced commands
    • cooldowns for each command
  • handling of newly joined users
  • the ability to add an admin
    • and special commands for them
    • admins can use commands that are on cooldown
  • lots of specific functions used on Selphys server
  • probably more that Im forgetting